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Market Trends

BondWave QMarksTM Quarterly Dashboards Q4 2022

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Developed to help market participants better understand trading trends in the bond markets, BondWave’s Data Lab has released its QMarksTM dashboards for the fourth quarter of 2022.
QMarks is a proprietary BondWave data set that powers its quarterly dashboards to cover all disseminated bond transactions using the regulatory-prescribed Prevailing Market Price methodology for corporate, municipal, agency, and 144A. QMarks belongs to a suite of other BondWave proprietary data sets, including QCurves, QTrades, and QScores.

Q4 2022 Observations:

With growing trading volume, smaller average trade sizes, and wider bid/offer spreads, it is tempting to assume that higher yields in 2022 have resulted in a shift toward greater activity from retail clients.” – Paul Daley, Managing Director

Corporate Bond Market Trends

  • With a return to meaningful yields in 2022, corporate bond par traded by clients increased by 14.9% year-over-year, though Q4 volume was down slightly vs. Q3 (-0.9%).
  • At the same time, the average par per trade was down significantly year-over-year (-34%, $375,000 in Q4 2021 vs. $248,000 in Q4 2022).
  • With higher yields came higher trading costs as bid/ask spreads jumped 29% year-over-year, from $0.325 to $0.420.
BondWave_Corp Dashboard - Q4 2022.png

Source: BondWave QMarks

Municipal Bond Market Trends

  • Municipal bonds saw significant growth in trading volume in Q4 vs. Q3 (+13.5%) and massive growth vs. Q4 2021 (+75.4%).
  • Average trade size shrunk year-over-year from $238,000 to $273,000 (-12.7%), but the growth in the number of trades more than compensated for the smaller trade sizes.
  • At the same time, bid/ask spreads were up 10% year-over-year.

Source: BondWave QMarks

Agency Bond Market Trends

  • Agency bonds were the only group that failed to see year-over-year trading growth. With Q4 2022 volume lower than Q3 2022 (-2.6%), it also trailed Q4 2021 volume (-5.9%).
  • The average trade size for agency bonds was down significantly year-over-year (-66.2%, $335,000 vs. $992,000).
  • Bid/ask spreads jumped a rather significant 44% year-over-year, from $0.250 to $0.361.

Source: BondWave QMarks

144A Bond Market Trends

  • 144A bonds saw more modest growth in trading volumes. Q4 2022 par traded by clients was +2.4% vs. Q3 2022 and +3.0% vs. Q4 2021.
  • The average trade size was down year-over-year too (-14%, $689,000 vs $799,000).
  • Bid/ask spreads jumped a whopping 59% year-over-year, from $0.300 to $0.478.

Source: BondWave QMarks

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