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Classic Safari Winners!
East Africa Safari Classic 2023

Amidst the challenging conditions that marked the 2023 rally event this year, our teams faced a rally unlike anything since the event's inception in 2003.
Torrential downpours transformed some stages into treacherous landscapes, turning crossings into swollen rivers, and our diligent mechanics were often found battling deep mud to service the cars in time. However, the event was a testament to the indomitable spirit of our team. Their unwavering determination and flawless efforts transformed the event into one of our most memorable trips to Kenya.
The spotlight shone brightly on Eugenio and Paolo, who emerged victorious in car #8, leaving a significant gap between them and the second-placed Baldev Chager. Their consistency not only ensured their win but also saw them clocking six of the fastest stages across the competition.

The final podium spot was filled by Kris Rosenberger and Nicola Bleicher. Despite their challenge for the win ending before it had begin, they made an extraordinary recovery after getting stuck in a mud hole in SS1. What followed was a fantastic effort and well-deserved 3rd place finish.
We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bon Grimes on his drive during the Safari Classic. This was the first time Bon had competed in this event, and only his 2nd ever rally! Having put in a perfect drive with no punctures or issues with the car, he and Martin Rowe finished 4th place overall.

The team had a very successful event, not only with the win but also with four more of our cars making it into the top 10 - a remarkable achievement.
Each participant, client, and friend left the event with unforgettable memories.
“It’s the biggest challenge I think we’ve ever faced on safari, and as a team we have worked as hard as is physically possible. The guys who service these cars pre-event and during the event are heroes.
Really, really extraordinary people who regardless of how many hours they don’t sleep, how many times they’ve changed a front arm or gearbox, carried tyres up and down a shipping container, or whatever it is they have to do they just roll up their sleeves and do it. They do it in the most wonderful way imaginable and almost always with a smile on their faces. Thank you so, so much to the whole team.”
Richard Tuthill.