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Letter from the Managing Editor

Welcome to the latest issue of Fixed Income Insights as created, organized and delivered to you by the Bond Dealers of America, and our many contributors.
You hear or see me in print saying frequently that the BDA is the only DC based trade group that is exclusively focused on the US bond markets. And that’s for one simple reason – it is true.
Since 2008, the BDA has only focused on the US bond markets and has become the thought leader, dedicated advocate, and effective – I stress effective – representative of dealers and banks active in US fixed income.
I also stress, and do so here again, that the effectiveness of the BDA is tied directly to our structure and our membership. Focused, non-bureaucratic and efficient structure combined with an active and engaged membership can produce some real results and we’ve seen just that since 2008. This magazine is an important extension of the BDA’s advocacy. Through this magazine, the BDA is bringing the broader industry important information on both the tax-exempt and taxable bond markets; on bond market technologies; on Federal regulatory developments and on Washington, DC politics and the impact on the municipal bond market.
In this issue we’re very pleased to bring you featured interviews with US Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado; with John Beckelman, head of fixed income at Piper Sandler; and with Stephanie Sparvero, head of BVAL at Bloomberg. Additionally we feature important content from regular contributors at Coalition Greenwich, MTS Markets, Nixon Peabody, DPC Data, Municipal Market Analytics, and Broadridge.
To the extent we can help unite the varied leadership of the 5 trillion dollar US bond market, we’ll see more effective advocacy.
This magazine is one component in that overall advocacy effort and I hope you’re pleased with this quarter’s product. As always, I appreciate your engagement and your support and never hesitate to reach out if you need anything from your industry trade group, the Bond Dealers of America.
Mike Nicholas Chief Executive Officer, Bond Dealers of America Managing Editor, Fixed Income Insights