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Letter from the Managing Editor

Welcome to Fixed Income Insights, the quarterly magazine organized and produced by the Bond Dealers of America. This is our Spring issue and we’re really pleased to feature two exiting cover stories - one is a Q&A with and feature of John DesPrez, president of InspereX as he leads his firm through an acquisition while expanding product lines and increasing market share, building on the presence and success of Incapital, a founding BDA member firm.
Our second feature is with Peter Borstelmann, President of ICE Bonds. In this BDA Bonding Time podcast, Peter and Michael Decker of the BDA discuss business at ICE Bonds and ICE Data, the SEC's Reg ATS rule proposal, return to the office given COVID, and technologies impact on bond market structure.
We’re also very happy to feature articles and analysis from the many contributors who can be found on the credits page. Also a big thanks to our advertisers - most of which are active BDA member firms.
This magazine - in both digital and now print versions - extends our presence and is an extension of the BDA’s advocacy for member firms. The BDA continues to be the only DC based trade association solely focused on the bond markets. It is this focus combined with aggressive, non-bureaucratic advocacy that sets us apart with tangibly beneficial outcomes for our members.
It is our membership that drives the BDA’s success and is reflected through the content on these pages, provided by industry leadership from Wall Street to Main Street.
We’re already planning our Summer and Fall issues simultaneous to the “blocking and tackling” of our Federal advocacy and organizing industry events from our National Municipal Market Summit to our Fixed Income Leadership Roundtable, our Fixed Income Strategy Session, and of course our annual meeting, the National Fixed Income Conference.
Thank you to all of the contributors of this issue.
And thank you for your engagement and support and helping to ensure the BDA is a strong, focused advocate for the $54 trillion dollar US bond markets.
Mike Nicholas Chief Executive Officer, Bond Dealers of America Managing Editor, Fixed Income Insights