2021 Advocacy
The Benefits of Membership
Lobbying / Political Intelligence / Industry Events
Since our founding in 2008, BDA continues to be the only DC based trade group exclusively focused on the US bond markets.  Municipal, taxable, institutional and retail.  Sell side fixed income is our only focus.  And it shows.   This pure focus results in results-oriented, aggressive lobbying and advocacy for our member firms.  We’ve grown from just 14 to now over 100 member firms headquartered coast to coast.

We strive for deep and broad member engagement of fixed income leadership into the advocacy process.  

It’s the BDA membership that makes the BDA an effective organization and as you’ll see in the following pages, the BDA work is detailed and comprehensive across the US markets.  But we have to add tangible value in a variety of ways.  It always begins with aggressive advocacy. But being an effective trade group also means providing a platform for members to thrive.  Whether through our Business Solutions initiatives, our industry surveys and reports, our industry leading events, or our latest product - Political Intelligence on key bond market policy issues.  The BDA is constantly innovating to provide more value to all members.

I thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need anything from the BDA.

Mike Nicholas CEO Bond Dealers of America
BDA membership benefits your firm in several important ways:


Congress and Regulators

The BDA designs/creates/develops meetings and events in Washington that allow member firms to influence, educate, and create relation-ships with key Capitol Hill policy makers and regulators. Working closely with our member firms, BDA’s efforts heighten awareness of the key business, market, regulatory, and legislative challenges that directly impact their businesses.


Industry and Events Roundtables

BDA offers annual proprietary events covering every aspect of the U.S. fixed income markets, including the increasingly complex regulatory landscape. In addition, BDA webinars allow members to hear from other top fixed income professionals about high-priority issues.


Legal & Regulatory Effectiveness

Through the BDA’s relationship with the law firm Nixon Peabody, BDA members have access to guidance on Federal regulatory and legal matters directly impacting their business. BDA’s relation-ship with Nixon Peabody provides access to top-tier legal and compliance guidance, saving members and average of $30,000 per year in outside counsel fees.

BDA Committees

BDA enhances the ability of its member firms to respond to regulatory and market practice challenges. Through BDA’s market-based committees, and in conjunction with Nixon Peabody, BDA creates forums for members to create market-based solutions to business, market, regulatory and legislative challenges.

Political Intelligence

BDA provides member firms with real-time news and analysis on the most critical political issues impacting the U.S. fixed income markets. BDA provides its members with political intelligence that directly impacts the fixed-income markets and BDA’s public policy focus.

Industry Relationships

Through the BDA’s committees and events, BDA creates the ability to form beneficial business relationships and trading partnerships among U.S. based firms.
The Bottom Line on Membership
Join the Bond Dealers of America.
It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make.
BDA membership tangibly benefits our member firms in a variety of ways. By utilizing the BDA, members increase their presence and impact in Washington, DC while also saving member firms tens of thousands of dollars in outside legal and regulatory counsel.
For more information, please contact:
Michael Nicholas, CEO